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  • Tambrey on 2017-Jan-25 07:52:55 Tambrey said

    susanna,8C is just nothing :)yes the coloured cakes look so fake~ross,its always gd to come bk once in a while!! taking direct flight is only 14hrs la~ah bo,who would dare to eat these cakes in hk wor and ppl nowadays are more "high class" la ma, wouldnt eat these kinda cheap cakes anymore ga laaooruto,~nps i didnt noticed that ah bak til u mentioned tim!TT,i juz clarified one thing, Sushi times is actually owned by Cass's father and now there is another Sushi Times on Bloor..
  • Jase on 2017-Jan-27 10:49:35 Jase said

    At last, <a href="">somenoe</a> who knows where to find the beef
  • Janet on 2017-Jan-27 17:15:20 Janet said

    Cool! That's a clever way of looikng at it! [url=]mppmwz[/url] [link=]rqdijp[/link]
  • Elora on 2017-Jan-30 04:21:25 Elora said

    The genius store <a href="">caldle,</a> they're running out of you.

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